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35. Rocky Waterscapes

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I hope you enjoy our holiday photographs as much as we enjoyed our fabulous holiday!

I was at times, quite overwhelmed by the natural beauty of Corfu.

Exploring the island by boat has to be one of the best ways to appreciate it and find places that are still relatively undiscovered and unspoilt.

I think these photographs are more than adequately qualified to be included in the Rocky Waterscapes category  – hope you agree.


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45. Statues

imageimageI saw these statues in the old main town of Corfu.

I believe they were hand crafted in bronze. The sculpture was dedicated to the many Jews from Corfu who perished in June 1944.

The symbolic group was very moving and really brought home the brutality and sadness of their suffering in Auschwitz and Birkenau.

I thought it a beautiful symbol of remembrance which looked proud and brave with the light shower of rain making the tableau glisten in the evening sun.

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5. Butterflies and/or Bees

imageimageWe were really lucky to enjoy a recent holiday, with our friends on their sailing yacht in Corfu. They had been based on the island for the summer so were keen to show us their favourite places and we spent 10 days with them, sailing from place to place, anchoring in beautiful tranquil bays, or mooring in one of the many well located marinas, where we could go ashore and stock up on supplies.
These photographs were taken in Lakka, the northern port of Paxos, a horse-shoe shaped bay and flanked by high ground covered in olive and cypress trees.
We actually moored outside and came ashore in the boat’s tender, which was great fun, especially after dining ashore and returning to the boat in darkness having enjoyed great food and drink.
I caught sight of this pretty building which I believed to be a church, in a small winding street behind the seafront, but didn’t manage to discover the story behind the bees painted on one of the walls.


36. Right Place at The Right Time

imageDebbie and I went to London to visit Debbie’s son Tom and see his newly purchased flat near Greenwich, London. We then realised that the ships were leaving London after the Tall Ships Regatta. 54 ships were leaving to sail down the Thames to their various home ports. The fleet included modern sailing yachts, old barges and amazing huge old square rigger working ships with lots of history. As we were walking towards the river I got this shot of this huge vessel sailing past, perfectly framed against the buildings and looked as though it was virtually on the land!



I’ve just joined the 52 week challenge – thank you Mindy for setting me up and also Debbie for guiding me through the process!
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s photographs and sharing some of mine.

I was asked to get some socks for my two grandsons holiday, so bought several pairs for approval and thought the photograph would fit the BELOW THE KNEE challenge.image